Boat rental in Mediterranean Sea

The  island of Cabrera  is a Spanish island, the smallest of the homonymous archipelago, located south of the island of Mallorca. It belongs to the municipality of Palma de Mallorca, specifically the Downtown District. The military presence since 1916 has allowed the conservation of this privileged ecosystem until our days, belonging to the national maritime-terrestrial Park of the Cabrera Archipelago since April 29, 1991, through Law 14/1991.

The Maritime Terrestrial National Park of the Cabrera Archipelago is located in the middle of the Mediterranean south of the island of Mallorca.
It includes the main island of Cabrera, Conejera Island and a set of fifteen islets. Between all they add little more than 13 km2 of emerged surface. We find numerous coves, some small beach, rocky cliffs and numerous cliffs, some of considerable height.
To navigate through its waters, an authorization must be requested in advance at the National Park office in Palma. Anchoring of up to 50 boats per day is allowed. To do this, an authorization has to be requested to fund one night during the months of July and August, two months of June and September and up to seven the rest of the year. This authorization must be requested in advance.

The Port of Cabrera is located ten nautical miles from the port of Colonia Sant Jordi, and belongs to the municipality of Palma. There you are offered the opportunity to rent a boat if you do not have your own, so that you can go to Cabrera on your own, of course, asking for authorization to sail there. A quiet, relaxing place, with lots of sun and crystal clear waters, a spectacular and unique experience, 100% recommended.

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Sinks and water basins

The sinks and water basins are very important in any boat parts, are used as one of the most used products being at sea. This is why it is important to always choose the best products, these are found on the web of easy navigation.

This web portal is one of those specialized in nautical products, they have a wide catalog of sinks and sinks . The most commercialized products are the stainless steel sinks that have a lid, in addition to the sinks are usually PVC.

Characteristics of sinks and sinks

In case of the water basins this is usually round and is usually designed to be placed in a corner of the bathrooms. They have a very well designed design and give a very elegant touch to the bathrooms.

The product that is most commercialized on the web are stainless steel sinks with tempered glass top. This allows to give more space to the kitchen, since it is only uncovered when using the sink and so you can use that space for the placement of some object or just to provide the effect of more space in the kitchen.

Each of these products is easy to install, also have a long life time. Very effective to avoid the need to constantly change the sinks or sinks. It is important that before purchasing one of these products you know the space you have for your placement, so you can buy the sink or sink that best suits your boat.

Guaranteed shipments

Shipments are made within a period of 7 working days, after having completed the purchase. barcos.onlinel has its headquarters in Madrid, ​​but it carries out its shipments to all parts of Europe. In case the product does not meet the needs that are required by the customer, you can return it for free.

Piano hinge for boats

The piano hinge is one of those little pieces, that few passengers on a ship notice that they are there, but indispensable for nothing to fail. Its name is due, as it can be supposed, to that it was first used to open and close the covers of pianos, it is the same use that we give in the boats. In this case the normal thing is that the Piano Hinge for boats is made of stainless material, so it can fulfill its mission without being affected by the water and humidity that will obviously prey on it.

Offers on Piano Hinge for boats

As for the places to buy a piano hinge for boats , I will not hesitate to recommend, the only store that has a delivery system in 10 days, 12,000 products manufactured in Europe with all international quality standards and passing, 2 years of guarantee, I have bought many items with and until now there is not one that has failed me, the piano hinge for boats has a very good price and yes, of course it is stainless. The sizes are varied, because of the need to use the boat in different places.

Recommendation: It is very smart to use a cushion on the cover to hide the hinge of the view, the idea is that it fulfills its function but without affecting the image of the whole of your boat.