Boat rental in Mediterranean Sea

The  island of Cabrera  is a Spanish island, the smallest of the homonymous archipelago, located south of the island of Mallorca. It belongs to the municipality of Palma de Mallorca, specifically the Downtown District. The military presence since 1916 has allowed the conservation of this privileged ecosystem until our days, belonging to the national maritime-terrestrial Park of the Cabrera Archipelago since April 29, 1991, through Law 14/1991.

The Maritime Terrestrial National Park of the Cabrera Archipelago is located in the middle of the Mediterranean south of the island of Mallorca.
It includes the main island of Cabrera, Conejera Island and a set of fifteen islets. Between all they add little more than 13 km2 of emerged surface. We find numerous coves, some small beach, rocky cliffs and numerous cliffs, some of considerable height.
To navigate through its waters, an authorization must be requested in advance at the National Park office in Palma. Anchoring of up to 50 boats per day is allowed. To do this, an authorization has to be requested to fund one night during the months of July and August, two months of June and September and up to seven the rest of the year. This authorization must be requested in advance.

The Port of Cabrera is located ten nautical miles from the port of Colonia Sant Jordi, and belongs to the municipality of Palma. There you are offered the opportunity to rent a boat if you do not have your own, so that you can go to Cabrera on your own, of course, asking for authorization to sail there. A quiet, relaxing place, with lots of sun and crystal clear waters, a spectacular and unique experience, 100% recommended.

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